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Tekken Dark Resurrection

Tekken Dark Resurrection


Theater mode Beat story mode 1 time
Command attack minigame Beat story mode 2 times
Tekken Bowling minigame Beat story mode 3 times
,000,000 G Beat Jinpachi after beating the ranking tournament in Fire Dojo.
Burning Auras Beat Time Attack
Life Auras Play through Fire and Wind dojo.
Tempest Auras Play through Earth and Water dojo.
Tekken Dojo Roulette Battle Unlocked while playing through Void Dojo.
Tekken Dojo Gold Rush Unlocked while playing through Wind Dojo.
Tekken Dojo Time Attack Unlocked while playing through Water Dojo.
Tekken Dojo Survival Unlocked while playing through Fire Dojo.
Jinpachi Ghost Unlocked Clear Void Dojo. Must beat Ranking Tournament and defeat him.
Heaven Dojo Clear Void Dojo. Must beat Ranking Tournament and Jinpachi.
3,000,000 G Awarded after clearing the Ranking Tournament in Void Dojo.
Tekken Dark Resurrection Opening Movie (AC Version) Beat Survival Mode
Tekken 5 Opening Movie (Console Version Pt.1) Beat Time Attack
2006 E3 trailer Beat command attack 5times around 1min 30 sec
Opening Movie Console Part 2 Earn more than 5000G in one round in Gold Rush Mode
Kazuya's Hand Default
Jin's Hand Get one character to Tekken Lord
Devil Jin's hand Get three characters to Tekken Lord
Jinpachi and a special rotating background Get four characters to Tekken Lord