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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

You play a half-dozen different characters running through a variety of levels, collecting rings and blowing up bad guys. The art and music are both so-so. The sound mix is awful and the sound cues are sometimes confusing.

Fatal Flaw #1: The camera control is unforgivably bad and makes the game sometimes unplayable. You can move the camera when you're standing still, but as soon as you start to move it snaps back to where it wants to be, which means much of the time you're moving blind. When you're surrounded by unprotected ledges to fall off of, and bad guys shooting at you, this is intolerable.

Fatal Flaw #2: Some game skills are learned only when you are deep into a level. If you get a new skill and don't execute it perfectly the first time, you usually die, and then you have to repeat the level to reach that same point to try again, and repeat this retracing of your steps over and over until you succeed. That's an abuse of the player's time.