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Resonance of Fate

Resonance of Fate


First Contact (Bronze) A trophy for defeating your first enemy.
Maiden Mission (Bronze) A trophy for clearing your first mission.
Bonus Hitter (Bronze) A trophy for landing your first Bonus Hit on an airborne foe.
Tri-Attacker (Bronze) A trophy for using your first Tri-Attack.
Hundred Plus Club (Bronze) A trophy for raising a character's level to 100.
Bullet Barrage (Bronze) A trophy for landing a combo of over 500 hits.
Resonance Miser (Bronze) A trophy for storing over Resonance Points.
Hero Actor (Bronze) A trophy for attacking over 1,000 times during Hero Actions.
Spite Monger (Bronze) A trophy for landing over 100 Bonus Hits.
Extreme Spiker (Bronze) A trophy for performing over 100 Smackdown attacks.
Professional Hunter (Bronze) A trophy for defeating over 3,000 enemies.
Material Collector (Bronze) A trophy for destroying over 3,000 enemy body parts.
Thousand Pitcher (Bronze) A trophy for throwing over 1,000 attack items.
The Iron Fist (Bronze) A trophy for defeating over 30 enemies with no weapon equipped.
Big Shot (Bronze) A trophy for dealing over 2,000 damage in a single attack.
Material Creator (Bronze) A trophy for having fused and scapped items over 200 times.
Shopaholic (Bronze) A trophy for spending over 500,000 rubies on clothing and accessories.
Customaestro (Bronze) A trophy for connecting over 10 custom parts to a firearm.
Basels' Repairman (Bronze) A trophy for making over half of Basel's hexes accessible again.
Four-Terminal Chain (Bronze) A trophy for connecting four distinct terminals.
Platinum Trophy (Platinum) You've unlocked every trophy in the game. You've mastered 'Resonance of Fate'!
Clear Prologue (Bronze) Cleared the prologue.
Clear Chapter 1 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 1.
Clear Chapter 2 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 2.
Clear Chapter 3 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 3.
Clear Chapter 4 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 4.
Clear Chapter 5 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 5.
Clear Chapter 6 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 6.
Clear Chapter 7 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 7.
Clear Chapter 8 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 8.
Clear Chapter 9 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 9.
Clear Chapter 10 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 10.
Clear Chapter 11 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 11.
Clear Chapter 12 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 12.
Clear Chapter 13 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 13.
Clear Chapter 14 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 14.
Clear Chapter 15 (Bronze) Cleared Chapter 15.
Clear the Game (Bronze) Cleared the game! Congratulations!
Clear a Second Playthrough (Gold) Cleared a second playthrough! Congratulations! and... Thank you!!
Unison Assault (Bronze) A trophy for defeating two or more enemies in a single attack.
An Unfortunate Accident (Bronze) A trophy for taking out your own party member in an explosion.
Tera-Driver(Silver) A trophy for loading over a terabit of data from the disc
Disrespect Your Elders(Silver) A trophy for defeating the Elderly Man. He's with the stars now! (One of the side missions at the last chapter.)
Basel's Liberator(Silver) A trophy for making all of Basel's hexes accessible again. Are you even human?!
Kings of Neverland (Silver) Finish Neverland.
Challenge Conqueror (Silver) A trophy for defeating the top-ranked team, the Last Line! Amazing!
The Legendary Hunter (Gold) You've completed every mission in the game! The legend will never die!


Club Famitsu triangle triangle up up square square left left L1 R1
Gemaga R2 L2 L1 R1 Triangle Triangle Triangle square square up
8-bit Girl up up down down left right left right triangle square
Hirakou square triangle L1 L1 R1 R1 L3 L3 up down
Platform Logo R2 R1 R3 L3 L1 L2 right left square triangle
Politan Suit Can Only after getting reindeer suit in Neverland R3 R3 R3 right left triangle square L2 R2 L1