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Naruto Legends Akatsuki

 Naruto Legends Akatsuki


Sai Complete D-Rank Mission "Putting Naruto to the Test" and B-Rank Mission "Social Training Members"
Uchiha Itachi Complete Scenario Mode
Sasori (Hiruko) Complete Scenario Mode
Deidara Complete Scenario Mode
Sasori (3rd Kazekage) Complete Scenario Mode
Hoshigaki Kisame Complete Scenario Mode
Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden) (TS) After You Complete the Scenario Mode, it will unlock " Akatsuki Mode " Complete " Akatsuki Mode " With Itachi and sasuke will be unlocked
Gaara Finish Scenario
Temari Finish Scenario
Kankuro Finish Scenario
Chapter 1 Clear after defeating all enemies
Chapter 2 Clear without taking any damage
Chapter 3 Clear after breaking all lanterns
Chapter 4 Clear without using Ninjutsu
Chapter 5 Clear without any scrolls equipped
Chapter 6 Clear without using healing items
Chapter 7 Clear in 10 minutes
Chapter 8 Clear without using attack items
Chapter 9 Clear after defeating 50 enemies
Chapter 10 Clear after defeating 5 enemies