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Mech Quest

Mech Quest

Let's start with the general facts about the game. This is an out-of-the-box game whose first version isn't really released yet. It's still in gamma phase and therefore has some bugs here and there. True to its tradition, the company has put a lot of puns and comical dialogues in this game also, which make it even better than it is. To put it in a nutshell, the game is very good and appealing but it has its flaws, please read on for details. I will state my opinion in different categories.

Graphics: I started with the graphics because I thought I should state the difference between the game's interface and a classical RPG's interface. The reason is that there is a special function called Energy, which is a gauge that when depletes, you cannot do any action. You recover some every turn though so it's not really THAT big a problem (it all depends on your strategy). Weapons also have a cool down meter and there are no recovery methods during a battle (after all, machines can't drink potions...). The most noteworthy problem however is that the game is a little slow, probably because I don't have a fast connection so it WILL lag if you don't have a high connection (1MBit and up suggested).The easiest, and probably only, thing you can do is to lower the graphics and then it will all go smoothly.

Gameplay: This is a regular go around and explore RPG. I explained about the Energy bar and the lack of healing items (after all the whole game is still in testing so cut it some slack) so now I will refer to the difficulty, which is high actually, if you don't like spending hours on the computer then probably you will remain weak for your whole mech-life(monsters give you 5-10 exp and you need 1000).Anyway the current level cap is 12 so you can keep up with it if you start playing today, moving on...The game also offers bonus material to Adventure Quest Guardians, Dragon Fable Dragon lords (both of these require a one-time payment)and the brand new Star Captains like shops with better weapons, extra mechs, your very own spaceship (not done yet), the ability to save your equipment so you don't need to equip everything back when you log-in and when someone fights you on the PVP (not real-time, it works by putting in the other guy's ID number, just input random numbers and you will find one), when you have verified your character as having paid for any of the other two games you will have the equipment you have saved instead of the standard gun, making you a challenge to even the strongest).You can have up to four guns at a time (back arm, front arm, back shoulder, front shoulder) and there are also bosses and mini-games.

Story: Well the story just started actually (so hurry up and don't miss anything).You are aboard a space ship heading to Soluna).Then suddenly, you receive a transmission from the king: A war is declared between Soluna and aliens. If you ever reach the planet is unknown and with the pilot's skills, you can only pray that you will arrive there in this lifetime. The story will probably progress on the next game update. Now your dream is to graduate from GEARS University. That would mean that you could pilot armed mechs (not that you can't now but...). Now the story hasn’t actually progressed but a lot of extra content setting the story up and the story of the Soluna Police Department is a lot of fun!

Variety: This part got a total rewrite. This game has been around for only so much and the results are very good. There are now 2 classes, a lot more weapons mechs and enemies. The fact that if you haven't paid for an upgrade to your account you lose a lot of the content still remains, though...

Sound: I don't think you can call it BGM or music. The game just has sound effects when you fire and in the game's opening as well as when you click on options on-screen. Although this little sound that exists is actually pretty good to hear at max volume...

Re-playability: Virtually none because the game never ''ends'' in the first place. The game will still go on and not end for at least 5 years, and even if it ever ends, then there will be no such thing as restart of the game (it's an online game after all).

In the future I may, and I stress the word may, update this review with the game's progress. Please remember that the game is still in testing and it hasn't been that much time from its release so there may not be much. Nevertheless , it's still worth it!