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Lengends Of WrestleMania

Lengends Of WrestleMania

For starters, you have a game backed by a proper license, allowing THQ to utilize every bit of WWE's assets with ease. Over 40 of the WWE's greatest superstars and managers have been virtually cast for this Legends game, including Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Yokozuna, The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Jake the Snake Roberts, Ted Dibiase, Mr. Perfect, and many more. We were the first to tell you that The Ultimate Warrior would show up in the game, and while many doubted it, we knew the truth would eventually validate our sources. So yes, The Ultimate Warrior is in Legends, and he comes equipped with rope banging and all.

In total, 42 legends can be found, but best of all, you can import wrestlers out of SmackDown 2009 into Legends, for an even larger collection. How about a match with Chris Jericho vs. Bret Hart? Or Ted DiBiase Jr. against his old man Ted DiBiase? It's all made possible with the game's import feature. On top of that, you can even import your created wrestler from SmackDown 2009 and pit him/her in the game's Legend Killer mode. So if you enjoy taking a created wrestler through the ranks and look forward to defeating a league of legends with a newbie, Legend Killer is your mode. You can always create a new wrestler within Legends, but no need to waste the time if you have a save file from SmackDown available. You may be wondering, 'what if I never bought SmackDown 2009?' Well worry not, just hop onto GameFAQs, download a save file to a memory stick or USB thumb drive, and upload it to your PS3. Bam, you've just more than doubled the size of your roster totaling closer to 100!

The core of Legends revolves around reliving the past in a variety of ways, by either recreating it as it actually happened, re-imagining the event by putting your own variations to the fight, or altering it completely to change the course of WWE history, by having a different outcome in the fight. THQ has labeled these three qualities as the ability to: Relive, Rewrite, and Redefine. All of these aspects will come to fruition when you enter the Wrestlemania Tour mode, where vintage footage based around the events you'll encounter will set up the matches. Each "Re" category has its own set of matches for you to participate in; including Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant (Relive), Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan (Relive), Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart (Rewrite), Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold (Relive), Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart (Redefine), Jimmy Snuka vs. Rick Rude (Redefine), and many others.