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Last Rebellion

 Last Rebellion
Avenge the Sealers! (bronze) defeat the grudge holder
Machine Dismantler (bronze) Destroy the Bullvezarks
Dragon Slayer (silver) Slay the mighty Nidhogg
Help an older Blade (silver) Topple the Trolls
Hmm... It's no Gandum (silver) Vanquish the Vandred
Congrats: you beat a little girl (silver) Stop Sephi's surprise attack
They're oversized chickens, really (silver) Gutted the vile griffons
Revenge at last... (silver) Halt Alfred's ambitions
Stopped the failed experiment (silver) Eliminate the eyes of Argos
And so the curtain falls... (Gold) defeat the keeper of Lorvin, Arzellide
What is this thing? (Gold) defeat Orange I
Is it hiding something? (Gold) defeat Orange II
Kind of cute, I guess (Gold) defeat Orange III
Well, they're dead now (Gold) defeat Orange IV
How'd we get here, dood? (Gold) defeat Prinny I
Dood, give us a break! (Gold) defeat Prinny II
We don't have any money, dood... (Gold) defeat Prinny III
Fine, dood we're outta here! (Gold) defeat Prinny IV
Flawless Demon (Platinum) The Ultimate Blade