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Dragon Fable

Dragon Fable

This Flash-based online game brings Final Fantasy style monster battles to a casual audience. Once you've created your character and begin playing you'll acquire weapons, face legions of monsters, visit shops, and just about every cliche'd activity you can imagine (except no fishing yet, or fighting rats in a cellar). DragonFable is a prequel to Adventure Quest from the team Artix Entertainment. Like it's older sibling you will not find much of a storyline (yet) or complex gameplay. Instead you will find a lighthearted adventure consisting of: traveling a basic map, fighting a sequence of creatures (all beautifully animated), and reaping the reward at the end of the map - usually gold, experience, or a weapon.

If you are looking for a hard core RPG you might look elsewhere. But that's not what DragonFable is all about. It's all about the sheer fun of fighting magical creatures, leveling up, and exploring something new. Every week this game adds a new aspect as it is still in the early stages. As I've been playing they've added many campaigns, new weapons, a test mode for player vs player, pets that battle with you, and new stores in the village.