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Dirt 2

Dirt 2

After a long and annoying intro this game throws you in the action of rally racing. The first race is a short curvy race known as a cross rally. you play against Very strong AI characters in a beautiful Track. This First track gives you a good impression of the game. its fast, intense and absolutely beautiful

The cars handle great. Each and every one is different and you will notice that on every track and every surface. The tracks themselves are stunning, not only are they challenging and well built they also feel like a natural road. not something made solely for rally racing. except for the arena's of course.

The graphics are amazing, Even on the lower settings like medium the game comes to life. But when played on the new DX11 the game starts to fly. Along with its smooth frame rate on even the higher settings this game is certain to impress even the most demanding gamers


The multiplayer is solid, even though matchmaking can take a while. Once you are in a lobby. you can stay there for quite some time if you want. you can play the same category's online as in single player giving you a good replay value, along the great single player